Seth is an amazing soccer athlete and influencer in Los Angeles. He is the reason my kids are obsessed with the sport! The kids that attend his soccer clinics are the KIN of the movers and shakers of Los Angeles!
— Lena Salatinjants // NIKE

Seth’s really important to this squad (LA Vale). And he’s also the nicest American I know. He’s my favorite American. In fact, one of my favorite people. He’s just a sound guy.
— Robbie Williams // Teammate // Artist

I’m still crying about what Seth did yesterday. It was almost a dream. Excellent performance WOW! - RASTAFARI
— Rohan Marley // Teammate // Entrepreneur

The Sethmode soccer camp was a wonderful experience as it provided me some much needed competitive game time and training with other quality players from around my area as I prepared for my first collegiate division 1 season. Seth, being an ex college player along with successful businessman was able to provide more advice and tips for my upcoming year at college along with my time after than I ever could have imagined. His passion for what he does was infectious. The guest speakers he brought in were full of unbelievable stories from their industries and were a great reminder that there will be a life after soccer and the sooner you think about it, plan for it, and act for it, the better. The camp was far more than just a soccer experience for me. I got life lessons and created relationships that will last for many years to come. It was a privilege to participate.
— Cole Poppen // Drake University // Sethmode Select 2015 (Overall Winner)

When I need a leader I can turn to Seth. He’s that kind of player. He works very hard and sets the standard for other players to follow (both on and off the field).
— Laurie Calloway // Coached MLS’s Inaugural Game

Thank you for all you gave to the kids this weekend!!! Nothing but love and gratitude from our family!!!
— Angela Manuel Davis // Soul Cycle

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you’ve done this week for all of us Iowa boys. Your camps are a tribute to your graciousness and passion for the sport that we all love. I know that for me, competing at Sethmode is a reminder as to why I chose to play soccer in the first place: to have fun. When I’m caught up in the heat of improving each day and being the best version of myself, it’s easy to forget why I loved the game so much in the first place, but I’ve always admired the atmosphere that you’ve been able to create with Sethmode because of the genuine passion and energy that it generates. Thank you so much for taking the time that you have, and for involving me in your plans the last two summers.
— Will Nurre // Drake University // Sethmode Select 2015 & 2016 (2 x Top 5 Winner)

This Saturday activity continues to be my favorite family outing of the week. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into it.
— Yunnie Kim // Entrepreneur

Can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you have done with Fletcher. He loves the sport of soccer now and that was not the case before you.
— Jaci Hays

Thank you for taking the time to put on such a fun and inspiring camp! Michael really enjoyed it and looked forward to it each evening! Thanks again for everything you do for our youth! Amazing!
— Lauri & John Brandt

What an inspiration you have been to these young soccer fans!
— Crafting Community